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A word from our CEO

I want to share with you Yezza’s mission, let's see if it resonates!

Currently, our focus is to make it easy for merchants to create storefronts on WhatsApp.

Our goal? To build products so that entrepreneurs can earn more money & save more time.

Currently, our total GMV is $41M with more than +1,200,000 orders. With 70M SMBs in SE Asia, this creates a $21b market opportunity. Interestingly, a similar buying-via-WhatsApp behaviour also exists in Latin America as well as Africa.

For this mission, we're excited to have the support of such an incredible investor like Y-Combinator; who also backed many high-growth startups such as Airbnb, Stripe, Dropbox, Reddit, Inc. and others.

Nevertheless, we would not enjoy our work-sphere as immensely without our A-Talents who continuously deliver higher results. This experience has been outstanding and we would like to now, extend the opportunity to you!

We’re looking for the brightest talents to join us:

Those who would always make the best decisions for Yezza, who trust the data at hand, care about good design, understands work distribution whilst maintaining a heightened dollar-sense in delivering the good work.

If that resonates and you think you can bring us as much as we can bring you, we're excited to hear from you!

Yezza’s CEO , Ammar Roslizar
Yezza’s CEO , Ammar Roslizar

Our team

We work with A-Talents


Life at Yezza

We’re a Covid-19 success story. A quick business pivot back in March 2020 gave birth to what we know now as Yezza. Since, we have grown from strength to strength, getting accepted into Y Combinator (the world’s No 1 Startup Accelerator) and currently on the verge of penetrating a few strategic global markets. Everyday, we have thousands of talents interested with what is going on in Yezza, so allow us to shape your first impressions by telling our own inside stories.


Culture of High-Growth

There are 2 kinds of growth that teams would look for, we’re the third kind.

Work with A-Talents

Doing important work is what creates value. Scale this by intensifying the focus, the result will be high-growth. This is how an A-Talent executes

Raise The Bar, Deliver Results

There is no end-point to success thus we perpetually aim higher. Achieving results is only a doorway to the next aim. In this infinite game, everything we do becomes a practice.

Humility Makes us Smarter

Tread the earth as a kind human being. Become psychologically-safe to yourself and others. This habit of the heart opens-up the door to hyper-learning.

The 1:3:2 Good-Job Strategy

Increasing the density of high-performers is 3x more strategic than improving efficiency. Our compensation strategy reflects this philosophy of productivity

Atypically Accountable

For high-growth, we must be agile. Thus we do not design accountability by departments, but by the best person to deliver the results. By this, accountability becomes a real deal.


Maintaining curiosity whilst being on the job is a strategic advantage of hyper-learners. Do this through leaning-in, by having deep conversations & periodically reflecting on what entails meaningful high-growth.

Perks and benefits

Curate your own ecosystem for high-growth, from wherever you are!

#workanywhere, seriously!
Working Equipment
Wellness Allowance
Productivity Allowance
Child & Parents Allowance
13% Retirement Contribution
Access to Yezza Accounts (The Full Suite) for Free!
Competitive Base Salary

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Don’t see a specific role listed? We won’t close the book on you just yet. Express your interest and we’ll take your submissions seriously - you won't just end up in a candidate database. If there’s a relevant role that becomes available, we’ll let you know as soon as we can.


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Yezza Labs

A Task-Based Software Engineering Internship led by World-class Mentors! We’re taking in the first cohort of 30 interns from the 20th of August 2022. Apply now!

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A start-up company backed by Y Combinator.

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