Senior UI/UX Designer

Senior UI/UX Designer

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For Yezza, a Sr UI/UX Designer is someone who we can count on to :

  1. Be accountable: for the UI/UX design of all Yezza’s product range. You shall report directly to the Head of Design and will lead & coach other UIUX designers & Creative Exec designers under you. You shall also work in alignment with the product development team
  2. Continuously-Improve: the quality of the design cycle as well as the efficiency of it’s project management

The Impact You'll Achieve within:

  • 1st Day :
    • Arrive to Yezza as an experienced senior UIUX designer
  • 30 Days :
    • Comfortable and in alignment with the Head of Design in making strategic decisions together with the product team in delivering Yezza’s products to the ASEAN market
    • Build Yezza’s Design System together with the Head of Design which shall guide the design of Yezza’s different product developments.
    • Lead the UIUX design process displaying a hands-on approach to the development

Skills and Toolset You'll Need to Bring:

  • Have an eye for SaaS product design and expert use of Figma as well as other tools such as Sketch
  • Well-organized and highly-disciplined for the product design process
  • Showcases and deploys in-depth user research as well as making sharp user-experience decisions to the benefit of Yezza’s users
  • You’re a digital product anthropologist, display integrative thinking as well as work from the POV of user empathy.
  • You must also be good in collaborative work, communication as well as documentation skills

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